Is there any way to select to be notified by EITHER Cell OR Email? I keep getting BOTH, and would prefer to select one only.

Yes, if you want e-mail only, place 2035555555 as your cell number. To get only cell text place your number in 2301234567 and then in the e-mail spot, do not place a valid e-mail address.

I received an e-Notification but when I went to the site, nothing was there. Why is that?

Users will post messages to test the IAN system, especially at the beginning of a winter season and then they remove the test message. We do ask they keep the test message up but if you go to the site and there is no message, it is because they were testing the system and removed the test message.

I signed up but do not know what to do now.

Go to the main menu under Notifications and click on E-Notifications from the drop down menu. On that page you can log in and enter your user name and password then click on submit. You will then be taken to the page where you can add cell phones for text and e-mail addresses as well as choose the locations you wish to be notified about.

I signed up for text messages but do not get any.

Please check that you did not place a dash between the numbers and that you selected a cell phone provider. Numbers should be entered like this: 2031234567

How do I change my e-mail address?

To change your e-mail address you will have to go to E-notifications and access your account page and there you can change, add, or subtract an e-mail.

2IAN System

What does IAN stand for?

Internet Access Notification System

I would like to sign up a Religious Organization to be a part of the IAN System, how do I do that?

Go towww.ctweather.comand click on IAN Request and then fill out the forms and choose Religious Group for the drop down menu for “grp” and after filling out all the form then submit it. We will then contact you with instructions on how to post information and you can tell people that they can see your postings on thewww.ctweathersite and/or sign up for free E-notification through our web site. There they will be notified instantly when you post a message.

How can I sign up to post notices regarding cancellations or delayed openings?

To set up a posting account, go to the main menu and hover over Notifications. From the drop-down menu, click on Ian Cancellations. Fill out the form and then click on SUBMIT. Verification e-mail will be sent when you have been activated.

I have signed up for an IAN account, but now how do I post?

1. Go towww.ctweather.com
2. Click on Login button on top right page
3. Choose your group from the drop down menu
4. Enter your Username
5. Enter your password
6. Click SUBMIT
7. On the new page that appears, pick a choice from the drop-down menu and/or write in the text box then click SUBMIT


How do I sign up for your Degree Day Service?

Go to our web site atwww.ctweather.com. Hover over Services and then click on Degree Day Report from the drop down menu. There you will find a hyper link to open the subscription form in an Adobe PDF format, which you can fill out on the computer to print/e-mail/snail mail or fax to us.

How to I obtain historic weather information?

To get historic weather information for certain towns, go towww.ctweather.comand hover over Services. Click on Forensic Reports from the drop-down menu. There you will find a request form, information, and rates for various reports.

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